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Our Technology

In iTeMoS, we pride ourselves in developing continuous core body temperature (CBT) monitoring system that is

  1. Accurate

  2. Continuous

  3. Fuss-free

  4. Non-Invasive

There is clearly an increasing need for CBT monitoring presently as well as in the future. Other than the common medical need of fever and infection monitoring, there are also rising incidents of heat waves and heat casualties in the public as well as heat-exposed occupations. This is especially so, given the increasingly warmer weather both locally and internationally.

Notwithstanding the pressing need for continuous CBT monitoring, there are currently no established CBT monitoring method that is continuous, non-invasive, and yet cost-effective. To this end, comprehensive studies have shown that the ear can be a viable surrogate measurement site for body temperature. However, technology advancement and development for continuous body temperature monitoring via the ear has been largely hampered by inconsistencies due to ambient air leakage into the ear canal. Our proprietary technology overcomes this problem by using multi-sensor derived algorithms which can give stream to accurate core body temperature readings continuously without significant interference by ambient conditions. 

How Our Non-Invasive Technology Works?

Our Tech 1.png
Our tech 2.png

Results from Human Research Trials

Summary Results of the Human Research Trials

Table Results.png

Telemetric Pill Temperature vs iTeMoS

pill vs predicted temp.png

iTeMoS Research Trials validated using subject #TMS19 and TMS20

btm plot.png

A full-scale human research trial (N = 20) has since been completed in NUS, Department of Physiology, to refine the technology based on gold standard rectal temperature measured in the laboratory using telemetric pills for three different heating conditions - warm water immersion (PAH; purple panel in figure above), walk (green panel) and run (red panel).

The end product from the trial is a wireless earpiece device which could provide continuous CBT readings with a high degree of accuracy, with instant audio feedback capabilities and no user discomfort reported throughout the trials.

Body Temperature Reading Comparison

with iTeMoS Partner's Product vs Conventional Infrared Tympanic Thermometer

Note 1: This is a simple consumer test in a gym on the accuracy of the CBT measurement and is not representative of the Human Research Trials NUS conducted where rectal probe / telemetric pills were used.

Note 2: It is not safe to use the conventional infrared tympanic thermometer when running on the treadmill. The subject steps on the side of the treadmill before taking the temperature. Once the temperature is taken, he then continues running.

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